Guesty Locks Manager Overview and Sign Up


Guesty Locks Manager is not available during the free trial period. To sign up, you will first need to purchase a Guesty For Hosts subscription. See instructions here.

With Guesty Locks Manager you can manage every smart lock you use remotely – all from one dashboard – with an automatic, unique code generator and full visibility into lock data. You can proactively react to any issues that arise before they interfere with the guest stay, using Guesty Locks Manager features, such as:

  • Guest code that is automatically generated with each reservation. The activation and deactivation timeline for the guest code will shift automatically with any date changes.
  • Backup code that is to be used if the guest code fails. The backup code is unique to each reservation and expires at ETD, with no manual intervention required.
  • Dashboard with full visibility of locks status. Know about and address issues with batteries, wifi, and more, before they interfere with a guest’s stay.
  • Access to the lock data throughout the Guesty platform, for quicker response to guest queries and easier access to lock health and code information. 
  • Activity log that tracks entry by code to your property at all times, letting you know when guests arrive and when staff enter a property. (Coming soon)

Sign Up For Guesty Locks Manager


You must be on the Guesty For Hosts desktop app to register. After you've signed up Guesty Locks Manager can be used on the mobile app.

Step by step:

  1. Sign in to your Guesty For Hosts account.
  2. At the top right click the diamond icon then Guesty Locks Manager.
  3. On the “Guesty Locks Manager” card, click Learn more.
  4. Click Sign up to Guesty Locks Manager.
  5. In the pop-up, read then click the tickbox to accept the Terms & Conditions and Pricing Plan.
  6. Click Sign up to Guesty Locks Manager.

Start Using Guesty Locks Manager


Charges shown in the Pricing Plan during the sign up process above will go into effect as soon as a lock is linked. The charge for Guesty Locks Manager will appear as "Monthly Subscription (SSL Certificate)" on your invoice.

Follow the steps below to complete your set up and get started!


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