Pilot: Guesty Locks Manager: Monitoring Lock Alerts

With Guesty Smart Locks, you can manage every smart lock you use remotely – all from one dashboard – with an automatic, unique code generator and full visibility into lock data. See more details here.

Once you’ve linked your locks to properties, Guesty Locks Manager will monitor the health of your locks, displaying the battery level and online status. Additionally, we will generate a daily lock health status report. If at the time the report is created there are locks with issues, we will email the report to you. If there are no issues, the report will not be sent.

To view and manage lock health alerts, follow the steps below.

Step by step:

  1. Sign in to your Guesty For Hosts account.
  2. Access Guesty Locks Manager
    1. On desktop: At the top right click the diamond icon then Guesty Locks Manager.
    2. On mobile: Click Menu then scroll down to click Guesty Locks Manager.
  3. In the Locks page, the third tab “Alerts” will display the number of locks that need to be monitored. If this number is one or more, click Alerts.
  4. Alerts will appear for the following:
    1. Battery level is less than 30% or "unknown"
    2. Lock is offline
  5. Based on the battery and online status, take the necessary action on your lock: e.g. replace the battery or fix a router issue. Once the issues are resolved the status will be updated and the lock removed from the Alerts tab.
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