Pilot: Guesty Locks Manager: Updating Lock Code Settings

With Guesty Locks Manager, you can manage every smart lock you use remotely – all from one dashboard – with an automatic, unique code generator and full visibility into lock data. See more information here.

Once your locks are linked to properties, the code creation is activated by default. You have the option to define your Smart Locks code settings by changing the number of digits and the activation/deactivation time. Follow the steps below.


Code settings apply to all properties. Before changing the number of digits, make sure all your linked locks can support the chosen code length.

Update Lock Code Settings

Step by step:

  1. Sign in to your Guesty For Hosts account.
  2. Access Guesty Locks Manager
    1. On desktop: At the top right click the diamond icon then Guesty Locks Manager.
    2. On mobile: Click Menu then scroll down to click Guesty Locks Manager.
  3. In the left hand menu, click Code Settings.
  4. Update one of the following settings as needed:
  • Number of digits
    • Default is four digits for each generated code.
    • Click the dropdown to change the number of digits.
  • Guest code activation
    • The guest code is activated by default at Estimated Arrival Time (ETA). The time is based on the property check-in time, or on the guest's ETA if updated in a reservation.
    • The guide code is deactivated by default at Estimated Departure Time (ETD). The time is based on the property check-out time, or on the guest's ETD if updated in a reservation.
    • Click the dropdown to change the activation or deactivation time, in 15 minute increments from ETA/ETD.
    • For example:
      • Start the code activation 30 minutes before ETA
      • End the code activation 45 minutes after ETD

Guest Code Activation Best Practices

Setting the guest code activation before the default ETA time can be used to allow guests who unexpectedly arrive a bit earlier than ETA to be able to access the property. 

For scheduled early arrivals, the guest ETA should be updated in the specific reservation. Code activation time will be automatically based on the adjusted ETA.

  • For example: 
    • Property check-in time is 15:00. Code activation time is set to 30 minutes before ETA. 
    • In a reservation, you've updated the guest ETA to 13:00 for a scheduled early arrival. The guest code will be activated at 12:30, based on the reservation ETA and the code activation time.

Apply the same guidelines for ETD and scheduled late departures. 

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