What Vrbo Settings Can Be Changed After Connecting?


This content is relevant for the Vrbo Upgraded Connection. If you are on the Standard Connection, see articles here. If you are not sure which connection you are on, see here.

Account and booking settings that apply to all Vrbo listings are created at the time of connecting your Vrbo account to Guesty For Hosts.
  • Account level
    • You can edit any of the below settings at a later time:
      • Account Nickname
      • Company Name
      • Markup Rate
      • Rental Agreement
      • Payment Processor
  • Listing level
    • You can edit Instant Book at a later time.
    • To edit the following settings on a listing level, please contact us:
      • Primary Guest Minimum Age
      • Cancellation Policy
      • Markup Rate
      • Payment Processor
  • The following settings cannot be edited after setup:
    • Vrbo Brand to Connect
    • Currency
    • Listing Name or Nickname
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