Changing Dates In a Vrbo Reservation Made After Connection


This content is relevant for the Vrbo Upgraded Connection. If you are on the Standard Connection, see articles here. If you are not sure which connection you are on, see here.

For reservations made after completing the Vrbo upgraded connection, the dates can be changed in Guesty For Hosts and will be synced with Vrbo.


Reservations made prior to the Vrbo upgraded connection must be changed directly in Vrbo. 
  1. Sign in to Guesty For Hosts.
  2. Click Timeline or Calendar.
  3. Click on the relevant reservation.
  4. In the Reservation Detail pop-up, click the calendar icon to change the check-in or check-out date.
  5. Click Apply.


Refunds are not processed automatically in Guesty For Hosts. If a refund is due to the guest for a reduced stay, it must be processed directly in your Stripe account.
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