Guesty PriceOptimizer: Overview


If you are already using another smart pricing tool, it should be deactivated before using PriceOptimizer to avoid pricing conflicts in your calendar.

Once activated, all pricing and minimum night restrictions are managed in PriceOptimizer. Changes to pricing or minimum night restrictions made in the Guesty calendar or listing settings will be overridden by PriceOptimizer.

Guesty PriceOptimizer is a data-driven, machine-learning tool that gives you recommendations for your listings' nightly rates based on different time period intervals. Our interactive software takes several details into account based on market trends to offer the best-suggested prices.

PriceOptimizer helps maximize revenue and occupancy while saving you time and minimizing manual mistakes, making it an ideal tool for your property management business. Suggested prices can be manually adjusted at any time based on your individual needs.

Eligibility requirements including geo location can be found here.

To generate the recommended nightly rates, the Guesty PriceOptimizer takes several things into account:

  • Listing details, such as the base price and amenities.
  • Market data, such as events and seasonality.
  • Manual changes you may decide to make in PriceOptimizer.
If you decide to activate PriceOptimizer on a listing, the recommended nightly rates will automatically update in the listing's calendar and connected channels, and will recalculate on a daily basis.
After you activate PriceOptimizer, you can still adjust the pricing if needed. You can customize the base price and pricing strategy, set new minimum and maximum limit controllers, or change the nightly rate manually. You can learn how to do all of these in this article.
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