What Guest Messages Can I See in the Unified Inbox?

The Unified Inbox displays messages sent via connected channel platform: Airbnb, Vrbo, and Booking.com. The inbox does not include messages sent via email, SMS, or WhatsApp. See here for more information about automated message communication options.
  • To access your platform messages, navigate to Messaging > Unified Inbox.
  • To filter messages by channel, click the down arrow next to "Recent Messages" at the top left and select a connected channel inbox.
    • A channel will only be shown in the Unified Inbox options if there are messages in your channel inbox. If your channel inbox is empty, the channel will not appear as an option in the Inbox.
  • If a guest replies to an automated message via connected channel platform, you will see the message here. 
  • When you reply back to a guest's message from the Unified Inbox, it will be received in the channel from which it was initially sent by the guest.


To send a connected channel platform message without having to search in the Unified Inbox, click on a reservation in the Calendar or Timeline and send directly from the Reservation Detail page.

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