Confirming a Reservation Includes Guesty Damage Protection

You can confirm that a reservation is covered under Guesty Damage Protection on the reservation details page of the relevant reservation. Follow the instructions below.


Once enrolled, Damage Protection will be applied to and billed for all eligible reservations. See here for information on covering the additional cost through a reservation fee.

Confirm Reservation Coverage

Step by step:

  1. Sign in to your Guesty For Hosts account.
  2. In the top navigation bar, click Timeline or Calendar to view reservations.
  3. Click the relevant reservation.
  4. Under "Reservation Details" scroll down to the "Damage Protection" section.
The Damage Protection icon will indicate whether a reservation is "Covered" or "Not covered". 

Reasons a Reservation is Not Covered

If your reservation is not covered, it is most likely due to one of the following reasons:
  • The listing's geo-location is ineligible. Currently Damage Protection is only offered in the US and Mexico.
  • The listing has been excluded from your Damage Protection plan at the time of set up.
  • The listing is covered, but the reservation is over 21 days.
  • The reservation's check-in date was prior to (or on the day of) enabling the Damage Protection plan.
  • The reservation was confirmed prior to setting up the Damage Protection plan, and the option to include existing reservation was declined during setup.
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