Rescheduling a Paused Airbnb Message Due to Missing Guest Email Address

A setting in Airbnb needs to be activated in order to receive the guest email addresses for existing reservations in Guesty For Hosts. If a scheduled automated message is missing a guest email address, it will be paused automatically.

After you have activated the guest email address to be sent from Airbnb, follow the steps below to reschedule an automated message that was paused due to a missing email address.


If you unpause a message without adding an email address, the message will continue to fail to send and go back to Pause status until an email is added.

Step by step:

  1. Sign in to your Guesty For Hosts account.
  2. In the top menu, click Menu.
  3. Click Sync reservations to retrieve the email addresses of your existing Airbnb guests (the ones you received before enabling the email setting on Airbnb). Email addresses for new reservations will be added automatically.
  4. In the top menu, click Calendar.
  5. Click the relevant reservation.
  6. Under "Contact Details", verify the email address.
    1. If there is no email, click Add.
    2. Enter the guest email address, click Save.
  7. Under "Automated Messages", scroll to the relevant message.
    1. Verify the message is in "Paused" status.
  8. Click See Details.
  9. Click Reschedule on [X date].


If the message is scheduled for a future date and you would like to send immediately, click See Details, then click Send Now.

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