Airbnb Pricing Settings: Currency and Local Taxes

Following is a breakdown of the currency and local taxes options you have to manage your listing's pricing settings. For general information on updating pricing settings, click here.


Taxes are only synched with Airbnb and Vrbo upgraded connection. For other connected channels, including Vrbo standard connection, taxes should be added directly in the channel.


  1. To the right of Currency, click the down arrow.
  2. From the dropdown menu, select the currency in which the prices appear and the guest is charged.
  3. Click Select.

Local Taxes

Taxes apply to your nightly price and fees for bookings, and are included in your earnings report. Guests are shown tax amounts as part of the booking total.


Airbnb automatically collects certain taxes from guests for each booking and remits them directly to local tax authorities. Learn more in this Airbnb article. Added taxes set by the host will be collected by Airbnb and remitted to the host.

Review the tax amount collected by Airbnb for your listing before adding taxes to your listing. Learn more from Airbnb here.
  1. To the right of "Local tax collection", click Add New Tax.
  2. From the popup box, select the relevant tax, such as lodging or sales tax.
  3. Click Select
  4. "Type of charge": Click the down arrow and select from the following:
    • Percentage per booking
    • Fee per booking
    • Fee per guest per night
    • Fee per night
  5. "Amount": Click the arrow up or down to adjust the tax amount according to the type of charge selected.
  6. "Business tax ID": Enter the relevant information.
  7. "Accommodations tax registration number": Enter the relevant information.
  8. "Apply long term stay exemption": Toggle on if needed and enter the relevant number of days.
  9. Read the tax-related terms and click the tickbox to confirm.
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