Guesty For Hosts Smart Locks (Legacy Solution)


The Smart Locks Automation solution stopped being supported by Guesty on December 31, 2023 and is not available to new users. You can sign up for our new and upgraded product Guesty Locks Manager.
Please see below details about the brands and models of smart lock products that are supported by Guesty For Hosts.


  • We support:
    • Schlage Encode and Schlage Encode Plus
  • We do not support:
    • Schlage Connect or Schlage Sense
For details on how to connect your Schlage locks, click here.


Yale locks are no longer connected through the August interface. See here for more information.
We support all August locks that:
  1. Have a keypad (built-in or separate)
  2. Can be connected to the internet (via built-in WiFi or with an additional WiFi bridge)
  3. Can be managed remotely through the August/Yale mobile apps. 


For smart lock brands not directly integrated with Guesty For Hosts, you can use an iCal sync. See here for more information.

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