Why Is My Rate Different in Guesty For Hosts From Vrbo?

If your daily rate in the Vrbo calendar is not as expected, it is due to one of the following reasons.
  • The daily rate in Vrbo is averaged out over a full stay. 
    • If you have different daily rates, for example weekday and weekend, these will not be reflected in the Airbnb calendar.
    • Verify that the total amount for the stay is the same in both calendars.
  • The channel markup set in Guesty For Hosts is not included in the Guesty For Hosts calendar daily rate, but calculated when the rate is pushed to Vrbo. 
    • See here for standard connection markup, here for upgraded connection markup. 
    • For example:
      • Guesty For Hosts calendar daily rate = $100
      • Guesty For Hosts channel markup = 15%
      • Vrbo calendar daily rate = $115
  • Custom price change was made in the listing's calendar. 
To understand how the calendar daily rate is calculated in Guesty For Hosts, with example calculations, see details here.
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