Website Builder: Self Domain DNS Settings

If you own a domain and want to use it for your website, you will need to make a small change in your domain's DNS settings. In short, you need to create an A Record and forward your domain to our servers. While this is not a complicated adjustment to do, it requires basic domain management knowledge.
See this article for information on using your own domain. Follow the steps below to configure your website.

Configure Your Website

Step by step:

  1. Sign in to your domain provider.
  2. Navigate to DNS Settings for your domain.
  3. Navigate to How to create a DNS record.
  4. Add the following fields:
Points to
A Record
1 Hour (Default Value)
CNAME Record
1 Hour (Default Value)
5. Save the DNS settings and refresh the page to make sure it is saved
6. Verify the changes at You should see only our IP for all regions.
7. Contact us to activate your domain connection.
Most of the domain providers have help documents for modifying DNS records. You can take a look at GoDaddy's Help Page as an example.

SSL Certificate and HTTPS connection

If you choose to use your own domain, we will take care of your SSL certificate in order to have a secure website with the yearly SSL subscription
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