Why Is There an Error When a Guest Tries to Book on My Direct Booking Website?

Guesty For Hosts is an Airbnb-dependent platform and your listing status on the direct booking website is taken from Airbnb. A listing on your direct booking website must also be listed on Airbnb.

To verify your listing status in Guesty For Hosts, navigate to Menu > Airbnb. Next to the relevant Airbnb account, click Listings, then click the relevant listing.

At the bottom, "Listing Status" will show either "Listed" or "Unlisted":
If it is Unlisted, take the following steps:
  1. Disconnect the listing from Airbnb by clicking the down arrow to the right of "Sync Status" (shown above) and select "Disconnected."
  2. Re-list the listing on Airbnb.
  3. Import the listing again into Guesty For Hosts following these instructions.
After these steps the listing will be be available for booking on your direct booking website. 

If you are still encountering an error, please contact us to investigate further.
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