Does Guesty For Hosts Have a Partner Program?

Are you interested in earning extra revenue by sharing the benefits of Guesty's platform with other short-term renters? With Guesty's Referral Program, you can do just that! In this article, we'll guide you through the process of earning commissions through our referral program.

How it works

Guesty’s Referral Program allows you to earn commission by referring other property management companies to our platform. If the referred company continues to use Guesty for three months and meets the eligibility criteria, you'll be eligible to receive a commission based on the size of their portfolio.

How to sign up

Fill out the referral form by entering your details. If the referred company decides to use Guesty, we'll proceed with onboarding them to the platform, and the three-month qualification period will begin.

A referee is considered to have completed the qualification period if they are using Guesty for a minimum of three months after the onboarding graduation date in Guesty Pro, or a minimum of three months after the end of the free trial period in Guesty Lite and the commencement of the paid subscription.

Commission and benefits

After the three-month period, reach out to us to check the status of your referral. If all conditions are met, we will process your commission payment, subject to the Terms & Conditions of the Referral Program.

You'll receive $100 for your referral's first listing, plus $50 for each additional listing, up to $5,000 per referral. 

Additionally, the referred Guesty Pro customer will receive up to $500 discount on their onboarding fee as a token of our appreciation. If your referred customer signs up for Guesty Lite, they will receive $20 off their first payment. 

Promote Guesty and earn

Once you've completed the sign up and received your referral link, you can promote Guesty via your blog, video channel, or other platforms.

Whether you're already a part of the Guesty community or just getting started, we are excited to help you earn extra revenue while enabling more property managers to benefit from our time-saving software and features. For more details, see our Guesty Referral Program page.

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