Airbnb's Host Fee and How to Cover It

Airbnb offers two service fee plans:

Split-fee Pricing (traditional)

Hosts pay 3% from the total payout and guests are charged a Service Fee which varies between 13-20%.

Simplified Pricing (new)

There will be no service fee visible to the guest, and the host will pay 15% from the total payout.

With some exceptions, Airbnb has made Simplified Pricing mandatory for hosts connected to third-party software, such as Guesty For Hosts. See details below.

Who Has a Choice in Service Fee Plans?

Software-connected hosts who have a majority of listings in the following countries can choose between the Split-fee or Simplified Pricing plans. 

  • United States
  • Canada
  • the Bahamas
  • Mexico
  • Argentina
  • Taiwan
  • Uruguay

Who Has Mandatory Simplified Pricing?

Simplified Pricing is mandatory for software-connected hosts with the majority of listings outside of the above listed countries.

Simplified Pricing is also mandatory for hosts with at least one traditional hospitality listing (aparthotel, hostel, serviced apartment etc.), regardless of location, or being connected to third-party software.

When you connect your Airbnb account to Guesty For Hosts, you will be automatically switched to the Simplified Pricing host-only fee. You won't have the option to change it to Split-fee while connected.

Covering the Airbnb Host-Only Fee

It is important to be aware of this change, and to adjust your rates accordingly to maintain parity. You can do this by increasing your base price, keeping in mind that your Vrbo and markups are added on top of the base price. Alternatively you can add a fee to cover the 15%. 


Read more about Simplified Pricing from Airbnb here. If you have the option to change your service fee setup, follow the steps in Airbnb's help article.

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