Setting Advance Notice for Reservations Ahead of Check-in

To make sure that you have enough time to prepare your listing for the next guest, you can determine how much notice is needed for guests to make reservations ahead of check-in. Updates to Advance Notice will apply from the midnight after the changes are made. Please note the important details per channel regarding Advance Notice, including where the settings are controlled.

Booking Channel Details and Limitations

  • Airbnb:
    • Advance Notice is updated in Guesty For Hosts under a listing's Airbnb availability settings.
    • Advance Notice is calculated backwards from 11:59 PM on the day the guest intends to check-in, in the time zone of the listing. For example, if you set an Advance Notice of one day, guests will be able to make a reservation until 11:59 the day before.
    • Pre-approving a reservation will override Advance Notice, and the guest will be able to confirm the reservation during the Advance Notice that was set.
  • Vrbo:
    • Vrbo Upgraded Connection: Advance Notice is updated under a listing's Airbnb availability settings.
      • Guests cannot make same day reservations on Vrbo, regardless of the Advance Notice setup in Guesty for Hosts.
    • Vrbo Standard Connection: Advance Notice is updated directly in Vrbo. 
    • Update your minimum advance reservation settings by days and/or hours in Guesty For Hosts under Restrictions.
For same day advance notice, see more information here.
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