Airbnb Booking Settings: Instant Book

To control how your guests can book in Airbnb, follow the steps below. For instructions on accessing the booking settings, click here.


To use guest requirements, Instant Book must be turned on. If Instant book is turned off, the guest requirements are not applicable.

Instant Book and Guest Requirements

  1. How Guests Can Book in Airbnb
    1. To the right of "Instant Book", toggle on or off.
      • If turned on: guests who meet all your requirements can book instantly. Move to step 2.
      • If turned off: all guests must send a reservation request first. Skip step 2.
      • See this Airbnb article for more information.
  2. Guest Requirements (Only applicable for Airbnb when Instant Book is enabled.)
    • To require a government issued ID, click the the tickbox.
    • To require recommendations from other hosts, click the tickbox.
    • Under "Pre-booking message", click the text box to edit the guest information.
  3. At the bottom, click Save.


If you have Instant Book deactivated, see here for information on accepting or declining Airbnb booking requests.

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