Sync Other Channels with iCal

The first steps to using Guesty For Hosts are to connect your Airbnb account and import listings. To connect to, and Vrbo, follow the instructions in the linked articles.
To sync your listings with other channels, see information and steps below or watch our video.


In addition to booking channels, you can use iCal sync for other tools Guesty For Hosts does not integrate with directly, such as RemoteLock or Quickbooks.


iCal Connections By Channel

Connection type
iCal: Calendar & Reservations Sync
iCal: Calendar & Reservations Sync
iCal: Calendar & Reservations Sync
iCal: Calendar & Reservations Sync
Other channels
iCal: Calendar Sync


Click the links to learn how to integrate with: Airbnb, Vrbo, You must first sync with Airbnb to use Guesty For Hosts.

Calendar & Reservation Sync

We will automatically import reservations from these channels and show them on your timeline and calendar. Keep in mind that the guest information which is shared in iCal links varies between different platforms. Guesty For Hosts shows all available information that can be acquired via iCal connection.

Calendar Sync

For the channels that are supported for calendar sync only, your reservations will be imported as blocked dates to your Guesty For Hosts calendar.

Guesty For Hosts syncs imported reservations via iCal approximately every 15 minutes. Data is exported from Guesty For Hosts immediately, however the time it takes to sync back to a linked channel depends on that specific channel.


To complete the two-way sync between Guesty For Hosts and the channel, you need to export each of your listing's calendar link from Guesty For Hosts and import them into the channel.

Follow the instructions below to add the iCal link of your listings from each channel to Guesty For Hosts.
  1. Follow the specific channel instructions to copy their iCal link.
  2. Sign in to your Guesty For Hosts account.
  3. In the top menu, click Menu.
  4. Under "Account", click My Listings.
  5. Click the relevant listing.
  6. Scroll down to the "Add New Channel" section.
  7. Click Other Channels (iCal).
  8. In the pop-up, paste the iCal link copied from the channel.
  9. Enter the channel name.
  10. Click Add link.
The calendar will appear under the Listing Details "Connected Channels" section.


To customize the guest details included in your iCal, see here.

  1. Sign in to your Guesty For Hosts account.
  2. In the top menu, click Menu.
  3. Under "Account", click My Listings.
  4. Click the relevant listing.
  5. Scroll down to the "Other actions" section.
  6. Click Export iCal.
  7. In the pop-up, click Copy link.
Follow the specific channel instructions to import the Guesty For Hosts iCal link copied in the above steps.


You can find the import calendar settings under availability settings or calendar settings in most channels.

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