Why Was My Airbnb Automated Message Not Sent?

The most likely reasons an Airbnb automated message has not been sent as scheduled are:

  • Platform Message
    • If a platform message is in "Paused" status, it could mean that when you first connected Airbnb to Guesty For Hosts, you did not give permission for messaging in Airbnb. You can disconnect and reconnect your Airbnb account on the desktop app. (If you reconnect on the mobile app the issue may happen again.)
    • If a platform message shows as "Sent" but does not appear in your Inbox, this indicates that it was sent by email instead of channel platform because the listing is not properly connected. Follow these steps to check your connection.
  • Email Message
    • As of Sep 30, 2023, Airbnb retired their email alias feature. See further details from Airbnb here. You can continue to communicate with guests via Airbnb messaging from the Guesty For Hosts Unified Inbox. Please ensure that your Airbnb automated messages are set to be sent by channel platform, not by email. 
  • SMS Text message
    • The guest phone number was not imported with the reservation. Update the guest contact information on the Reservation Detail page from the Timeline or Calendar.
    • If your SMS text message includes a shared public URL shortener it may have been filtered by the carrier. See here for more details.
 To reschedule the message after the email or phone number has been added, follow the steps here.
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