Creating Automated Weekly Reminder Messages

You can schedule an automated message to be sent on a certain day of the week to remind your guests of the trash day or a local event. If a guest's reservation falls on a specific day of the week, these reminders can help you coordinate with them easily or give some tips about your area.
To create weekly reminder messages, follow the steps below.

Create New Automated Rule

Step by step:

  1. Sign in to Guesty For Hosts.
  2. Click Messaging.
  3. Click Automated Messaging.
  4. Click Weekly Reminder Messages.
  5. Click Schedule New Weekly Reminder.
  6. Fill out the automation rules for each of the sections detailed below.
  7. Click Confirm to activate the rule.

Reminder Details

Message Type

  • Select the message type to send
    • Platform message (for Airbnb, Vrbo, or
    • Email (sent from your email address selected)
    • SMS text message (sent from a generic number)



Time sent is based on the listing's local time.

  • Select the day of week for your reminder.
  • Set the exact sending time to be sent, based on the listing's local time.
  • (Optional) Advanced Settings. Toggle on/off for the following settings:
    • Exclude check-in days.
    • Exclude check-out days.
    • Send only during the first week of a stay.


  • Select all, or one or more specific listings for this reminder. 
Keep in mind that if you include all listings, you can still use tags in message templates for variables like check-in instructions and Wifi password.


  • Select the message template to use with this reminder. While it is recommended to create message templates before automation rules, you have the option to click Add New Template and create one at this step. 


  • Before activating the weekly reminder, you have the option to:
    • Go back and edit the details by clicking on the section tabs. 
    • Review current reservations, and choose to cancel the reminder from being sent.


Once you've reviewed the summary, click Confirm to activate the rule.

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