Creating Message Templates

The first step to using the Message Automation feature is to create templates that you can then select to use as part of your automation rules. Message automations are based on one of the following triggers: check-in, check-out, or confirmation. 
We suggest the following basic message templates based on the guest's timeline:
  • Upon booking: confirmation message
  • Three days before arrival: message with check-in instructions
  • One day into the guest’s stay: a message touching base and checking that all is well
  • One day prior to guest departure: a message with checkout instructions
  • One day after checkout: a final message requesting that the guest review your listing


Once you've created basic templates like the ones above, you can edit and create template variations for different booking channels, or guest languages.  

Create a Message Template

Step by step:

  1. Sign in to your Guesty For Hosts account.
  2. At the top, click Messaging.
  3. Click Message Templates.
  4. Click Create New Template.
    1. Enter the template name, e.g. "Check-in instructions". 
      1. Template name is internal and for your reference only.
    2. Enter the template subject, which will appear in the email subject, e.g. "Check-in instructions for your upcoming stay".
      1. A template subject is required for delivery of automated emails. It does not have any function for platform messages.
    3. (Optional) Click attach a file, e,g. welcome pack, map, rental agreement, or photos. Note the following parameters:
      • Files can only be attached when using the desktop/web version of Guesty For Hosts.
      • Only one attachment can be added to each template.
      • The attachment can be in any file format including PDF, ZIP or JPG files. 
      • Maximum file size is 20MB.
    4. Click in the text box and compose your message, adding tags for variables like Wifi code or key access instructions. See here for more information on creating and using custom tags.
      1. Click Add Guest Form to include the Guest Arrival Form.
      2. NOTE: Hyperlinks cannot be included in the text.
  5. Click Add Template.
Once you've created a template, create an automation rule to schedule the automation sending of the message to guests.


If you need to create a new custom tag: save your template, create the tag, then go back and edit the template to include the new tag.


Attached files will appear as a regular attachments in emails. For Airbnb and text messages, a short link is included at the end of the message that your guest can click on to download the file. 

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