Airbnb Pricing Settings: Standard Fees, Charges, and Weekend Rates

Following is a breakdown of the standard fees and charges options you have to manage your listing's pricing. For general information on updating pricing settings, click here.


  • Weekend rates are synced with all channels.
  • Fees and charges are only synced with Airbnb and Vrbo upgraded connection. For other connected channels, include Vrbo standard connection, fees should be added directly.
  1. Extra guest price
    1. Click the arrow up or down to adjust the price per extra guest per night. Note: This is applied after any seasonal rule type adjustments. See here for more information.
  2. For each guest after
    1. Click the arrow up or down to adjust the number of guests included in the base price. The extra guest price will be charged for each additional guest after this number.
  3. Weekend pricing
    1. IMPORTANT: This amount will replace your nightly base price on Friday and Saturday. If you make custom rate changes in the calendar, they will be overridden by this weekend pricing.
      1. To re-apply a custom value to specific weekend dates, follow the instructions for rule-sets.
    2. Click the arrow up or down to adjust the nightly price for weekend stays. 
  4. Other standard fees
    1. Click Add New Fee.
    2. Select one of the fee types from the dropdown box, including Management Fee, Cleaning Fee, Pet Fee, Security Deposit, and more.
      1. The Linens fee is added to the cleaning fee. All other fees are rolled into the nightly price for the guest when they book.
      2. If a Pet Fee is added with zero amount charge, this will be displayed as "Pets stay free" in Airbnb.
    3. "Amount Type": Click the down arrow and select percentage or flat fee type.
    4. "Amount": Click the arrow up or down to adjust the percentage or flat fee amount.


  • To cover the Airbnb management fee or other service charges, create a Management Fee under "Other Standard Fees".
  • To remove a standalone fee, adjust the charge to zero. To remove a fee under "Other standard fees", click the garbage icon.
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