Why Was My Task Reminder Not Sent When Expected?

If your cleaning or task reminder wasn't sent out as expected, it is most likely due to the reminder set-up. When you create an automated task reminder, you select a trigger for scheduling the automation rule: new reservation, check-in, or check-out.

1. Check Your Task Reminder Trigger

  1. Sign in to your Guesty For Hosts account.
  2. At the top, click Cleaning.
  3. Click Cleaning Reminders.
Your reminders are sorted into sections by trigger type. If you created a reminder to be sent upon check-in, but that reminder is showing under the "Reminders For New Reservation" section, then it will not be sent as expected.
To the right of a reminder, click Edit, then Schedule to verify the trigger and timing, and to update as needed.


The reminder timing is NOT based on the tags used in your reminder text. For example, if your reminder text uses the tag "--checkin_date--", but the schedule trigger is "New Reservation" as shown above, then the reminder will be sent based on the confirmation date, not check-in date. 

2. Check Your Reminder Text Tags

If the timing for the reminder was correct, but the content of the reminder incorrect, this is most likely due to the tags used in the text. For example, the below reminder text refers to "Check-in", but the tag used is "--confirmation_date--":
In this case, the reminder will be populated with the reservation's confirmation date, not the check-in date. In order to fix this, simply correct the tag to "--checkin_date--".

3. Check Your Reminder Text Content

If your SMS text message includes a shared public URL shortener it may have been filtered by the carrier. See here for more details.

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