Creating Automated Cleaning and Task Reminders

To create a new cleaning or other task reminder including automated scheduling, teammate assignment, and detailed checklists, follow the steps below.

Step by step:

  1. Sign in to your Guesty For Hosts account.
  2. At the top, click Cleaning.
  3. Click Cleaning Reminders.
  4. Click Create New Cleaning Reminder.
  5. Follow the prompts to create the task as detailed below.

1. Task Type

  • Click an existing task type, or click the open text box at the bottom to create a new task type.
Best practices:
  • Create new task types for events like post check-out cleaning, welcome kit, or regular maintenance. 
  • Use checklists to specify the details of each task. For example, it's not necessary to create separate tasks for "clean kitchen" or "change bedding". This information can be included as checklists in the "Cleaning" task type.
  • If your cleaning instructions, timing, or the team involved vary among listings, create a separate task for each listing.
  • For non-regular tasks like repairs, create a one-time task.

2. Schedule


Time sent is based on the listing's local time.
  1. Select the event trigger for your automation rule:
    1. New Reservation
    2. Check-in
    3. Check-out
  2. Choose the timing for the reminder based on the event selected. 
    1. If you choose before or after the event, select the specific number of days. For example: two days before check-in, or one day after check-out.
  3. Select the specific time for the reminder to be sent, based on the listing's local time.

3. Select Listings

  • All listings are included by default. If you are creating separate task reminders per listing, click the tickboxes to include/exclude certain listings. 
    • If you import a new listing into Guesty For Hosts at a later point, you must edit the reminder to include it.

4. Teammate

  • To select an existing teammate:
  1. Click on one teammate from the list to receive this task reminder.
  2. In the pop-up, select SMS, email, or both as the notification channel.
  • To create and select a new teammate:
  1. Click Add New Teammate.
  2. Complete the details for the teammate, including phone number and email address.
  3. Click the teammate from the list to receive this task reminder.
  4. In the pop-up, select SMS, email, or both as the notification channel.


If a teammate has more than one task scheduled on one day, they will be included in one SMS message or email.

5. Reminder Text

  • Compose a short note for this task in the daily reminder notification sent to teammates. 
  • Click on a tag to customize the content. The tag will be replaced by the actual data for each reservation. 
    • Click More Tags to view all standard tags available.
    • Click Add Custom Tags to view custom tags available.
    • To create a new custom tag, follow the steps here.


The reminder template will automatically include a tag related to the event trigger selected in Step 2. For example, if you chose "New Reservation" as the trigger, the template will automatically include the following text: "Cleaning on --confirmation_date--"
Changing the tag will NOT change the reminder timing. If you need to change the reminder timing, for example from Confirmation Date to Check-in date, you must go back to Step 2 and change the schedule.

6. Checklist

  • Select one or more checklists to include in the specific task.  
  • Click the down arrow to view the details in each checklist.


If you need to create a new checklist for this task, click Continue Without Checklist. You can create the checklist after saving the new task reminder, then go back and edit the reminder to include the checklist.

7. Content of Daily Task Form

  • Select the specific reservation details to include in the daily task form.
Check-in date of the current reservation
Check-out date of the existing reservation
Guest Name
Guest Lastname
Guest Phone Number
Guest Email
Number of Guest
Confirmation Code
Confirmation code from the reservation channel
Host Notes
Add specific notes about the current reservation.
Date of Next Check-in
You may want to inform your teammate about upcoming reservation’s dates. This can help them to schedule their tasks.
Next Reservation: Number of guests
Your cleaning staff may need the number of guests for next check-in for the details about cleaning, towels, etc.
Next Reservation: Length of Stay
Next Reservation: Guest firstname
Next Reservation: Guest lastname
Next Reservation: The last 4 digits of guest’s phone number
Next Reservation: Host notes

8. Summary

Before completing the task creation, you have the opportunity to review the details, If you need to go back and edit any of the previous steps, simply click on the relevant tab under "Task Automation".
Below the summary, you will see scheduled upcoming tasks for this reminder. If you want to prevent some messages to be sent, you can deactivate those messages. For example: you send cleaning instructions 3 days before check-in and you already sent those messages to your teammates. In this case, you can exclude those reservations from upcoming messages to avoid duplicated communication.
Finally, click Confirm to create the automated rule and start sending scheduled reminders to your teammates!
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