How Can I Add Guest Reviews to My Direct Booking Website?

It's currently not possible to add reviews automatically from your connected channels to your direct booking website. However, you can create a custom page for reviews with the following options:
  1. Content page: A content page allows you to copy-paste guest reviews from all booking channels, with completely customized text and images. 
  2. Link page: You can link to your Airbnb review page to open directly on your website.
The custom page will be added to your website menu under the title of your choice, for example: "Reviews", "Testimonials", or "Guest Feedback".


Want to request reviews for direct bookings? You can create an automated message to be sent after check-out with a link to your property on portals like Google and TripAdvisor where guests can leave a review. To send this only for direct bookings. create a template variation.

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