I Changed My Availability Window, Why Is It Not Updated in Vrbo?

Check Your Guesty For Hosts Vrbo Connection

Availability settings are managed differently between the upgraded and standard connection to Vrbo. If you're not sure which connection you're on, see here.

Upgraded Connection

If you are on the upgraded connection, your Airbnb availability settings are synced with Vrbo. Verify your  availability window setting under Reservation Preferences.

Standard Connection

If you are on the standard connection, you must update the availability setting directly in Vrbo following these instructions

Workaround For Calendar Discrepancy


There may still be a small discrepancy in availability because the two platforms calculate the booking window differently. For example, while Airbnb has a booking window of 180 days, it is 6 months in Vrbo. Depending on the specific months, these are not always equal.
Guesty For Hosts will only push out pricing to Vrbo for dates that match the Airbnb calendar. If there are dates in the Vrbo calendar that aren't yet open in Airbnb, Vrbo will automatically take the base price set within Vrbo.
As a workaround, you can set a high base price for these "edge dates" to discourage bookings. As those dates start to open up on Airbnb on a daily basis, Guesty For Hosts will push the correct prices out to Vrbo and overwrite the high base price.
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