Can I Change the Time Format In My Automated Message Template?


Updating your time format under User Settings will not change the format for your automated messages.

The standard tags for check-in and check-out time used in automated message templates are pulled from a listing's Booking Settings, which is based on the 24 hour time format and cannot be changed.
If you would like to use the 12 hour AM/PM time format in your automated message, please see the options presented below.
  • Example scenario: Under a listing's booking settings, the check-in start time is 15:00. In an automated message template, the standard tag "Check-in Hour" will be replaced by the text "15:00". In order to have the text appear as "3:00 PM", you have the following options:
  • If the check-in time is the same for all listings: 
    • Replace the standard tag "Check-in Hour" in the message template with the text "3:00 PM".
  • If the check-in time varies per listing:
    • Create a new custom tag, e.g. "My Check-in Time", and enter the appropriate time per listing.
    • Replace the default tag "Check-in Hour" with your new custom tag.
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