Creating an Automated Message for a Single Channel Platform

Once you've created a message template, you can edit the template to create different versions per booking channel platform or for your direct booking website as needed. If you would like to create a message for only one booking channel, you will need to disable the template for other channels. Follow the steps below or watch our video.



1. Create Template Version for Channel

  1. Create a Message Template, following the steps here.
    1. Enter the template name, subject, and content as desired for the specific channel message. For example, "Vrbo Booking Confirmation". 
    2. Click Save.
  2. At the top left, click the back arrow twice to return to the template options menu.
  3. Click View Message Templates, then click on the new template to edit.
  4. Click Add variation for a platform, then select the relevant channel. For example, "Vrbo".
  5. Click Save.
You will see a template version for Vrbo, activated to send.


Be sure to click Save for the channel version before moving to the next step.

2. Disable Template for Other Channels

  1. While still in the message template, click Other Platforms.
  2. To the right of "Send customized templates for Other Platforms", toggle off.
  3. Click Save.
This template is now disabled for other platforms:

3. Create Automation Rule For the new Template

  1. Create a new automation rule, following the steps here.
    1. Select message type Platform.
    2. Select the message send Trigger, for example, "New Reservation".
    3. Select all or specific listings.
    4. Select the new template created. The template will indicate that it has been modified for Vrbo and will only be delivered to Vrbo guests:
  1. Click Confirm to activate the rule.
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