Automated Messaging Overview

With the Guesty For Hosts Automated Messaging feature, you can easily streamline your guest communication. 
  • Create personalized templates delivered based on guest actions such as check-in and check-out.
  • Use our guest arrival form to gather contact details, verify guests’ phone numbers, and receive a full guest list for active listings. 
  • Send auto-replies to common Airbnb inquiries, automatically pre-approve guests based on chosen criteria, and boost your response rate to maintain Superhost status.
  • Automatically submit reviews for guests, encouraging them to leave you a review in return. You can also send them review reminders to collect as many reviews as possible.



Using Automated Messaging Templates and Rules

Additional Automated Messaging Features

  • Weekly reminders:  Schedule an automated message to be sent on a certain day of the week to remind your guests of the trash day or a local event.
  • Guest arrival form: Include a guest arrival form with a pre-check-in automated message to collect guest information such as arrival time and contact details.
  • Auto review: Use default and custom review templates to automate 5-star reviews for Airbnb guests.
  • Auto inquiry response: Send auto-replies to common Airbnb inquiries and automatically pre-approve guests based on chosen criteria.
  • Send special offers: Automate special offers in response to inquiries for selected booking dates.
  • Send one-time message: Use the messaging and template functionality to easily send a one-time message to one or multiple guests.
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