What Do I Do if I Have a Double Booking?

Double booking is the term used when multiple reservations are made for one room or unit on the same night. 
If you find you have a double booking, the first step to take is to relocate or cancel one of the reservations, and contact us to investigate further. Details in section 1 below. The next step is to understand why the double booking happened and what you can do to prevent them going forward.

1. Report Double Booking

After you've relocated or cancelled your double booking, send the following details to Customer Solutions to investigate further.
  • Reservation code or guest name
  • Reservation dates

2. Steps to Take to Prevent Double Bookings

Verify the Listing is Connected to All Channels

Click below for instructions to verify that your listing is properly connected to each channel.

Ensure Calendar Availability Changes are Made for Unreserved Dates Only

Availability and minimum stay changes made in the calendar will open up ALL availability in a selected date range including reserved dates. In order to avoid this risk for double bookings, you must select only unreserved date ranges when changing availability.
  • For example: 
    • The dates June 1-30 are blocked. 
    • You have two existing reservations: June 5-10 and June 20-30. 
    • If you select June 1-30 in the calendar and change from "Blocked" to "Available", this will include the dates that are already reserved. This could create double bookings. 
    • In order to prevent this, select June 1-4 and June 11-19, and make each of these blocks Available.
If you have multiple listings that overlap, you can link their calendars on Guesty For Hosts to prevent double bookings. For example: Listing 1 is an entire home, and Listing 2 is a room inside that home. See full details and instructions here.

Additional Channel Specific Investigations

Vrbo (Standard Connection)

During the setup process to sync Vrbo with Guesty For Hosts, you must import your Guesty For Hosts iCal link into Vrbo to push previously made reservations. Without completing this step, you are at risk for double bookings being made in Vrbo. See full process here including a how-to video.


Check that any Booking.com booking restrictions are set up as expected, in particular if you have arrival or departure day restrictions.
Keep in mind that while these rules are created in Guesty for Hosts and pushed to Booking.com, you can only view the applied restrictions for specific listings and dates in Booking.com.
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