Managing Your Vrbo Inbox via Guesty For Hosts

When you connect your Vrbo account to Guesty For Hosts you are able to manage conversations through our unified inbox. To view your messages navigate to Messaging > Unified Inbox. At the top of the Inbox, click the down arrow and select Vrbo.


The below is relevant only for the Vrbo Upgraded Connection. If you are on the Standard Connection and not seeing Vrbo messages, please contact us. If you are not sure which connection you are on, see here

If you haven't already, you must enter your Guesty integration email address in Vrbo in order to enable message sync between the two platforms.

When a guest sends you a message from the Vrbo inbox, Guesty For Hosts automatically adds a proxy email to that guest that ends with the domain This address is what enables the flow of communication between a booking channel's messaging platform, Vrbo in this case, and Guesty For Hosts. 

If the guest did not send any message from the Vrbo inbox, any message you send will have no way of reaching the Vrbo inbox, including Automated Messages. This is because Guesty For Hosts is not be able to add the proxy email to the guest.

To solve the issue, ask the guest to send a message to you from the Vrbo inbox.


Messages will not be pulled into Guesty For Hosts retroactively. Only new messages received since the above set up is complete will be pulled into Guesty For Hosts and displayed in the Inbox.

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