Additional Users or Third Party Limited Access

Guesty For Hosts does not provide third party limited access or multiple user options. If you would like to give a team member access to your account, you will need to share your credentials with them. Your credentials can be used from an unlimited amount of devices simultaneously.


Any person that shares your credentials will have the same access level as you.

Alternatively, you have the following options:

  • Shared calendar: Share your calendars with third parties while having full control over what the other party will be able to view.
  • Income reports: Share payout information with third parties by adding them as Clients under this feature.
  • iCal Sync: Your owners can use an online calendar such as Google Calendars to create an event for themselves. Since Guesty for Hosts is able to process all iCal links, if an owner creates an event for themself it will block the dates on the calendar, and vice versa. 
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