Availability Settings: Best Practices


  • Listing availability settings are only synced with Airbnb and Vrbo upgraded connection. 
    • Vrbo standard connection availability settings should be updated in Vrbo.
    • Booking.com availability restrictions can be set in Guesty For Hosts, explained here.
Availability Settings allow you to control when a listing is open for reservations. They are comprised of: 
  • Availability/Booking window: Setting how far into the future guests can book the listing.
  • Advance notice: Setting how many days before a reservation the listing must be kept vacant.
  • Preparation time: Setting how many nights to block before and/or after a reservation, to prepare the listing for the guest's arrival.
Our suggested best practices can help optimize the setup of your Availability Settings and provide valuable information about scenarios relevant to your business. To access your listing's Availability Settings, see here.

Maximize Control Over Your Listing's Availability

Availability/Booking Window

Even if a listing is being used exclusively for hosting purposes or year-round, we recommend setting a Booking Window, to control how far into the future the listing can be booked. This should align with how far into the future you are comfortable accepting reservations.

You can also manually block certain days through the Multi-Calendar.

Define Your Operational Availability

Advance Notice

Even if you are operationally prepared to accept last-minute reservations, Advance Notice can still aid in fraud prevention. Since dishonest bookers tend to book last-minute reservations, use Advance Notice to make sure the current date is always blocked, providing at least one day's notice before check-in.

For Airbnb reservations, you can set Advance Notice as same day (customize cutoff hours), allowing guests to book reservations within that time frame, up until the specified hour. This gives you more control over last-minute reservations, specifically from Airbnb. See here for how this works with other channels.

In addition, even if you set Advance Notice to prevent last-minute reservations, you can allow inquiries for last-minute reservations as if no Advance Notice was set, by checking Allow guests to send reservation requests without Advance Notice under Advance Notice. This also gives you more control over last-minute reservations, specifically from Airbnb. 

Build In Time Between Reservations

Preparation Time

Utilize Preparation Time to automatically block one or two nights before and/or after a reservation, to prepare the listing for the guest's arrival. Once the reservation is confirmed, the Preparation Time block is added to your calendar. It will be removed automatically if the reservation is cancelled.  



To understand how availability is displayed in the calendar, see here.

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