Why Are Dates Open in My Calendar?

The calendar displays the availability settings in your Guesty For Hosts listing's Advance Notice and Availability Window.  To understand why dates are blocked in your calendar, see information here.

If you are not sure why dates are open in your calendar, it is most likely due to one of the following scenarios:

  1. If you have an ical link in your listing in Airbnb that is still connected after you've synced Airbnb to Guesty For Hosts, this may create calendar availability discrepancies. You need to disconnect the ical in Airbnb. Learn more.
  2. The availability settings in a connected smart pricing tool are overriding changes you make in Guesty For Hosts.
    • Example: Advance notice is set to 2 days in your smart pricing tool. You change the advance notice setting in Guesty For Hosts to 3 days. Once the pricing tool syncs again, advance notice will revert back to 2 days in the calendar.
    • Solution: Review your smart pricing tool settings to make sure they align with your settings in Guesty For Hosts.
  3. Existing reservations were included in a bulk calendar change.
    1. Solution: Manually block the dates, and see this article to understand how to exclude reservations from bulk calendar changes including pricing and minimum stay.
  4. Dates previously blocked were manually opened in your calendar. 
    1. Solution: Refresh the default availability for the affected dates by following the steps below.

Refresh Calendar Availability For Dates That Are Open But Should be Blocked


You can view notes to understand why dates have been blocked. Read more here.

Step by step:

  1. Sign in to your Guesty For Hosts account.
  2. In the top menu, click Menu.
  3. Under "Channel manager", click Airbnb.
  4. Under the related Airbnb account, click Listings.
  5. To the right of the relevant listing, click the right arrow.
  6. Click Availability.
  7. To the right of "Availability Window" click the down arrow and select Dates unavailable by default.
  8. Click Update Availability Settings.
  9. In the top menu, click Calendar.
  10. Click and drag to select the affected dates.
  11. In the pop-up, under "Availability" click Blocked.
  12. Click Update.
  13. Go back to the Listing availability settings (steps 2-6).
  14. To the right of "Availability Window" click the down arrow and select All future dates.
  15. Go back to the Calendar and select the affected dates.
  16. Open the availability on all future unreserved dates.
  17. Go back to the Listing availability settings.
  18. To the right of "Availability Window" click the down arrow and revert to the original setting.
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