Website Builder: Overview


  • A listing on your direct booking website must also be listed on Airbnb. Maintaining an active connection in Guesty For Hosts to an Airbnb account is required in order to sync real-time data with Airbnb and any other connected channels.
  • Direct booking website rates and availability are based on Airbnb settings, including rule-sets.
  • There is no additional cost to create a website if you use our custom subdomain. See here for cost and information about using your own domain.
Website Builder helps to build your own direct booking website. You can create your website with just a few easy steps and get bookings without paying any channel commission. Your website will be synced to your calendar on Guesty For Hosts and other connected channels.

It is also possible to automate guest communication for your website. All of the active automation rules will be effective for direct bookings on your website.

Get started by creating your website, then click the links below for information on options to customize and optimize your site:
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