New releases 2024

We aim to keep you informed about updates and new releases in Guesty For Hosts on a regular basis. See the updates below, along with relevant information from our Help Center.

  • Guesty Locks Manager - New features
    • Remote unlock

Effortlessly unlock and relock any supported door remotely with just a click in the Guesty Locks Manager interface. Learn more.

    • Common door locks

With Guesty Locks Manager, you can designate a lock as a common door lock - for example, lobby, rooftop, pool, storage room, etc. - and enable guests to use their private lock code for all facilities. Learn more.

  • Guesty PriceOptimizer - New markets and features
    • [NEW] The pricing forecast graph has been updated to include additional data, displaying recommended pricing (what was suggested before you've made any manual adjustments), and a comparison mode which include the values for trends on a daily level (market pricing, original pricing, etc.). Learn more.
    • Manual adjustments created through the multi-calendar will be now be synced with GPO and reflected in the PriceOptimizer interface as manual adjustments. Learn more.
    • You will now have better control over the seasonality impact by defining the seasonality impact not just for specific months but also for a date range. Learn more.
    • PriceOptimizer is now available for listings in Greece and in Switzerland. See all eligible markets.
    • PriceOptimizer is now available for listings in United Arab Emirates and in Israel.
    • Competitor benchmarking allows you to gain a better understanding of your listings' performance in comparison to direct competition. Learn more.
    • Restrict the check-in/out for specific days. For example, not allowing check-in on weekends. Set restrictions for specific days in general or for specific time periods.
  • Guesty PriceOptimizer

Take the guesswork out of pricing with a fully embedded revenue management tool that pushes optimized pricing to all your channels so you can maximize revenue, save time, and grow your business.

    • PriceOptimizer is now available for listings in France. See all eligible markets.
    • [NEW] Local events: Better control and tailor your pricing strategy to the needs of your specific local market. Learn more
    • [NEW] Bulk capabilities: In addition to adjusting pricing on a per listing basis, you are now able to seamlessly and efficiently apply updates in bulk across listings for key functionalities. Learn more
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